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Boohoo said it has ditched two suppliers accused of employing staff on slave wages. It pledged to invest an initial £10m to stamp out malpractice and beef up its board with more independent directors.

Boohoo shares dive another 14% amid sweatshop scandal
08/07/2020 05:39 PM

After unleashing another £30bn jobs package, including unprecedented plans to give everyone in the country vouchers to eat out, Sunak declared he had never been a 'prisoner of ideology'.

JAMES SALMON: Rishi hopes for a jobs miracle as storm brews
08/07/2020 05:16 PM

The firm, which allows investors to pool their money and lend it to businesses, had furloughed a 'small number' of staff. However, it did say it would cut around 85 jobs in the US.

Funding Circle vows not to take taxpayer cash for furloughed employees
08/07/2020 05:16 PM