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This site contains many useful Online Financial Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.
Some of these tools are of a more specialised nature, therefore more geared towards use by professional advisors.
Click on the 'calculators' link to view the list of calculators by category. Please note: the information and tools contained in this website are of a generic nature. No recommendations are made with regard to the suitability of any financial product or course of action. If in doubt, seek professional financial advice.

Recent Financial Topics


Alibaba Group's Tmall Global is giving small businesses in the UK and Ireland the chance to take part in the world's biggest shopping event - the Go Global 11.11 Pitch Fest.

Could you sell tea to China? Alibaba's Tmall Global seeks British small business
15/06/2021 03:21 AM

Having bought a home at today's inflated prices, first-time buyers may be left in negative equity when the market cools down. How much of a problem is that, and what can they do to prevent it?

With house prices high, should first-time buyers be worried about negative equity?  
15/06/2021 03:17 AM

Back in the day, the hot brines that gushed into Cornwall's underground mines were a very unwelcome distraction. Now though, they could be the key to unlocking a multi-million dollar industry.

SMALL CAP IDEAS: Cornwall's rich lithium endowment in the spotlight
15/06/2021 03:08 AM