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This site contains many useful Online Financial Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.
Some of these tools are of a more specialised nature, therefore more geared towards use by professional advisors.
Click on the 'calculators' link to view the list of calculators by category. Please note: the information and tools contained in this website are of a generic nature. No recommendations are made with regard to the suitability of any financial product or course of action. If in doubt, seek professional financial advice.

Recent Financial Topics


The woman was tricked into transferring £9,970 to a fraudster posing as HM Revenue & Customs last month. In the first three months of this year alone 156,522 scam calls have been reported to HMRC.

Scam victim who lost nearly £10,000 received just £1.27 back
21/04/2021 03:58 AM

Cash savings websites have become increasingly popular among starved savers. But City watchdogs warned last week that firms are not being clear enough about exactly how these services work.

Cash savings websites offer huge rates boost
21/04/2021 03:57 AM

Barclaycard customers have called on the provider to change its mind over its heavy-handed cutting of credit limits of cardholders whose financial circumstances have improved over the last year

Barclaycard under pressure to reverse credit limit cuts for steady customers
21/04/2021 03:51 AM