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This site contains many useful Online Financial Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.
Some of these tools are of a more specialised nature, therefore more geared towards use by professional advisors.
Click on the 'calculators' link to view the list of calculators by category. Please note: the information and tools contained in this website are of a generic nature. No recommendations are made with regard to the suitability of any financial product or course of action. If in doubt, seek professional financial advice.

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We speak exclusively to Owain Wyn Evans who is a presenter on the new BBC series Wales' Home of the Year.

TV presenter Owain Wyn Evans judges Wales House of the Year 
12/08/2022 02:00 AM

Citizens Advice has been running since 1939. We spoke to Micheal - based in the debt team in Wigan - to find out what it's like fielding calls in the current economic climate.

There's no fat left to strip: What it is like at Citizens Advice as the cost of living crisis hits
12/08/2022 02:00 AM

Students in Edinburgh, Cambridge and Coventry were the most likely to have been contacted by a fraudster, the bank said.

NatWest issues student scam alert: These are the fraud warning signs they need to know
12/08/2022 02:00 AM